Principal Message


Education lead us from ignorance towards intelligence. The dream of a prosper nation can only be dreamt by the means of an educated society as women have gained rights formal education has become a symbol of progress and a step towards gender equity.

Women education has become a global need. Although all levels of education experiences the rate of growth is among the highest for vocational education and training in the context of globalization employment opportunities have grown for those who are vocationally trained. This becomes a compelling reason for government as well as private organization to invest in higher education as well as vocational education and training . There is an increasing demand for qualified and trained young people in the employment sector.

The faculty of education provides vocational education to the student of B.Ed. programs which fulfills the years of gap for well trained teachers in Jharkhand. The students have the fill that the destiny of Indian lies in the class room and the prospective teachers have to shoulder a great national responsibility.